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Alongside shooting, we also offer other sports and activities. These can be paired with shooting to create an exciting and varied experience package for groups.


With a choice of bows to suit all types of shooters, our archery experience is perfect for anyone new to the sport. Groups of 6 or 8 take it in turn to fire at a variety of ranged targets before often resulting in a challenging competition amongst group members.


Similar to our archery experience, our crossbow experience sees 6 to 8 people learn the basics of crossbows, before shooting at a variety of targets. Crossbows are easily accessible to anyone, regardless of skill or experience. With our expert instructors you will soon hitting targets and competing with team mates.

Blindfold Driving

Blindfold driving is an exciting experience that anyone can enjoy. Clients pair up and take it in turn to drive blindfolded around a set course in a large, cumbersome 4x4. The other team mate must stand stationary in the center of the course and talk them around it using a handheld radio. The whole activity is timed to add a layer of competitiveness.

Furthermore, no prior level of driving skill is required. So far, all of our previous participants that have never driven before have not only been able to participate, but often do very well in the competition.

Second to shooting, this activity is our most popular, creating hilarious moments of miscommunication and navigational issues that will leave you in stitches (not literally!).  

At all times the blindfolded team member will be accompanied by an experienced driver who will override the drive should you be careering towards a tree or a pond.

For more information on prices please see our tariff or to book an individual or group lesson lesson, please contact us here.